A Royal Air Force Puma Mark 2 helicopter lands at RAF Honington, Suffolk.

The multi-million pound upgrade to the original Puma means that the Puma 2 benefits from new engines which give them 35 per cent more power and improved fuel efficiency to allow them to fly faster and twice as far as the Puma Mk1.

They also have state of the art digitised glass cockpits and upgraded LCD instruments.

The Puma Mk2 can fit into a C-17 which means that it can be transported anywhere in the world and, crucially, can be ready to deploy in support of both combat and humanitarian missions in just 4Royal Air Force Benson – Puma 2 ZJ954 & XW231 hours. The aircraft, with improved ballistic protection, is capable of carrying up to 16 fully equipped troops. Twin cargo doors and low rotor downwash make it ideal for transporting personnel and equipment in and out of confined urban environments.